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A Fun, Exciting Martial Arts Lesson.

Throughout the games and activities we also teach all of the kids some cool martial arts.

This gives them something fun to bond over for the weeks to come. They can practice and show off for each other and "re-live" the awesomeness of the party!

Everything is Structured and Planned From Top to Bottom.

While theme parks and 'fun zones' where kids run around crazy can be fun...

They can also have a lot of down time, and they can get pretty old pretty fast!

That's why our parties have something fun and exciting planned in EVERY moment. There won't be a single second of down time.

Your Child Feels Like a Rockstar When They Showcase Their Martial Arts Skills.

Your child will LOVE showing off what they've learned in class in front of all of their friends.

We make sure to put them right in the spotlight where they can really showcase what they know.

And More!

Here’s Everything That's Included:

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2 hours of supervised action!

(Take a load off! We'll Keep careful eye on all of the kids while you have fun and relax.)

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Non-stop action, fun, activities, and martial arts the entire time

Give us a call to find out more about our exciting birthday packages!

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Fun for the parents

Want to dive into the action? Join us in any activity or game!

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Your child will be at the front of the room teaching their friends right alongside us!

They'll feel like a total rockstar!

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Pizza & other awesome birthday food!

What kids' party is complete without it?

Check out what Google users are saying about East Coast Karate Institute

Kelley Prasad
- 3 years ago
Both of my sons have trained at East Coast Karate Institute. From day one, we have been impressed with the dedication of each instructor and assistant. It is evident how much they care about their students. The education that they give is so much more than forms, kicks... It is about being the best person you can be, living a life of integrity.

Chris DiPaolo
- 3 years ago
From the minute we walked into the studio we felt like family! It is so important for kids/teens to have mentors in their lives. East Coast provides the tools to help their students grow into self assured adults. . East Coast teaches self discipline , leadership, perseverance, self respect and respect for others. It promotes the importance of balancing body, mind and spirit through being mindful and being in the present moment. But most importantly the kids have fun!

Gregory Lamonaca
- 3 years ago
Where do I begin. Simply put, East Coast Karate is an outstanding martial arts studio. Both of my children have been attending for many years and now assist. It is not simply a "Karate school." It is an institution comprised of exceptional leaders who genuinely care about the personal well being of every student. The instructor's know every student, what they are good at, what they need help with, any challenges and more importantly they know them on a personal level. They strive to not simply have the students obtain their next belt, they instead work exceptionally hard to help develop the children into fine young adults, and then into adulthood. I would need several pages to simply list the cliff notes of all of the lesson's that my children have learned, both about the martial arts and life.

Sara Vose
- 3 years ago
I wish that I had enrolled my 6 year old son at East Coast Karate sooner. We'd enrolled him in the "obligatory" sports (soccer, baseball) in the past, but despite his early assurances otherwise, he never took to them. Karate has proven to be the complete opposite - and I believe that the program offered by East Coast Karate is a big part of that. The instructors practice an excellent balance of teaching, discipline and fun and are genuinely invested in each and every student. Simply said, this is a great martial arts school - I highly recommend.

Andy Spears
- 3 years ago
These guys are fantastic. My 6 year old son takes lessons there. He is on the autism spectrum and requires patience for these types of things. Jolene is VERY patient with him. He enjoys the class a lot and is starting to learn how to control himself a little better. He's also learning how to defend himself, which is obviously a good thing, too. If I could give them six stars I would. I spoke to a few people about them before going and they all raved about how good Jolene is with the kids. I took it with a grain of salt but they were spot on. A+.